Code of Conduct

Alnor’s Code of Conduct has been developed in line with the core principles of the founders. We expect all of our employees to act in a lawful and ethical manner and in the best interest of our customers equally with Alnor Oil.

Employees are required to follow all applicable federal, state and local laws in everything they do. This includes the employee’s requirement to avoid and prevent conflicts of interest, appearances of impropriety and the avoidance of any form of corruption practices. Any information, which is not posted on the company’s website is considered proprietary and should be kept confidential.

While Alnor does participate in an exchange of items of nominal value with some customers and suppliers, Alnor does not permit its staff to accept nor does it offer high value gifts to anyone for any reason.

Alnor is a strong proponent of equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and rejects any form of discrimination or harassment by any employee to another employee or by any outside party to one of its employees. We also do not, have never and would never employ underage workers.

In addition to the above, we do not work with any company – domestic or international -who abuses any person or persons of any age, gender or ethnic or religious group. We strongly oppose human trafficking or enforced labor, do not participate in such activities and expect all of our suppliers to adhere to the same behavior.

The health and safety of Alnor’s employees are primary considerations of upper management. Our office conditions always meet the highest safety standards. We have provided and paid for health care for all our employee for over 30 years. Additionally, Alnor expects all of its suppliers to implement programs that ensure the health and safety of all its employees against any chemical, biological or physical hazards.

Upper management has always maintained an open door policy and all employees are encouraged to approach management, without any fear of reprisal, with any questions or concerns.